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Knee Compression Sleeves

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For people with joint pain, I would definitely recommend the Compressa Knee Sleeve

- Shreha J

These are amazing - I have resumed hiking, playing golf, and riding my bike

- Jennifer C

I don't even want to
workout without these knee sleeves now!

- Lauren G

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Get Knees Of
A 20 Year Old With

Compressa Knee Sleeves

The Compressa™ is a true knee pain breakthrough. That’s because it combines the stability
of a traditional knee brace with the flexibility of a knee sleeve. The result is almost instant pain
free movement in your knee joint.

One Size
Fits All

Advanced knitted technology ensures an ideal fit for both left and right knees as well as various body sizes.

Muscle Recovery

Alleviate symptoms associated with arthritis, tendonitis, joint pain, and sprains.

Maximum Knee Comfort Without Slippage

Advanced Compression Zone technology prevents sleeve movement and helps absorb shock and shift loads from the painful area of the knee.

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Compressa Knee Compression Sleeves Helps You Get Relief From

Freedom To
Live Life On Your Terms!

Freedom From Pain

These orthopedic-approved knee sleeves
provide maximum support to your joints while allowing
you to perform better at sports or
your everyday life.

Near Instant
Pain Relief

It aligns your knee joint without adding any extra pressure to your knee. You’ll feel relief almost instantly.

Recovery Time

It is a complete knee support system that works to improve and heal your knee joint over time.

Knee Support

With the side bolsters, kneecap stabilizer ring, and tight no-slip fabric, your knee joint is protected & supported from all sides.

Blood Circulation

The blood flow to your knee is improved. It carries important nutrients to your knee joints which means you heal more over time!

The Compressa™ Knee
Compression Sleeve Is Perfect For







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The Compressa™
Keeps You Moving
Without Pain

The Compressa™ was specifically designed to keep your knee joints secure, stable & in
place while also giving you the freedom to move like you did when you were younger.
The only thing left to do is try it for yourself!

  • 1
    Ultranet Fabric

    Supremely comfortable moisture-wicking & ultra-tough.

  • 2
    Side Bolsters

    Innovative design preventing knee twists & sprains while
    maintaining full movement range.

  • 3
    Ergolastic Pad

    Wraps the knee cap to cushion & protect soft tissue.

  • 4
    Meniscus Stimulator

    Gently & constantly massages to improve tissue quality.

  • 5
    Slim & Discreet Design

    The Compressa Knee Sleeve was designed to go unnoticed! Its sleek
    design is ultra slim and will fit discreetly under most pants.

  • 6
    Acupressure Pads

    Provides gentle, soothing pressure to common pain points.

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The Science Behind
How It Works

The Compressa Knee Sleeve was specifically designed to solve the #1
problem most people have when it comes to knee pain.

Instant Support &

The durable Side Bolsters brace the sides of your knee for a flexible full range of motion.

Improved Blood Circulation
& Oxygen Delivery

Each Compressa™ also has meniscus stimulators in the center that give a warming and massaging sensation as you walk.

Inflammation Reduction
& Soothing Pressure

And finally, an acupressure surrounds the knee for full knee cap support.

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Compressa Vs Others
Make The Smarter Choice

Recover faster from joint pain, sprains,
and patellar tendonitis with high
quality compression and comfort.

  • Medical Grade Compression

  • Comfortable, Soft, Flexible

  • Easy To Wear

  • Multi-Purpose Application

  • Trusted By Professional Athletes

  • Breathable Fabric

Knee Sleeves

Knee Sleeves


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Compressa Reviews
What Our Customers
Have To Say

Aaron WilsonVerified purchase

"My knees feel like they are 20 years younger literally overnight by using the compression knee sleeve by Compressa. I can’t recommend them enough. 5 stars!"

Jennifer ChanVerified purchase

"My wife got these for my knees so I could work in the yard and I was able to work 7 hours last Sunday, but usually I can only be in the yard for a couple hours before my knees are throbbing and I’m forced to stop and go inside. I feel free again because I can do what I love thanks to Compressa."

Jasper Dewitt Verified purchase

Just good as my chiropractor’s! Very comfortable and fits really well. I like wearing mine when I workout and the difference it makes is really incredible. A bonus thing is that others don’t even notice that I’m wearing this. Sleek design and easy to wash!

Lauren GarriottVerified purchase

My knees were so bad, that I could barely walk up and down the stairs. I looked into getting surgery on them, but I found out my insurance wouldn’t help cover the cost, and my doctor warned me about the risks.My daughter saw this on the internet and bought a pair for me.

John WardVerified purchase

I have to say that after trying the sleeve, I immediately felt a reduction in pain and was able to move about much more freely.
I know that I might need surgery in the future, but certainly, the Compressa Knee Sleevesleeve has lessened the pain, and I think it's a great product.

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Asked Questions

We’ve All The Answers

What sizes do Compressa™ Knee Sleeves come in?

These sleeves are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. We guarantee they will fit you or we'll ship you a replacement or offer a full refund right away. In 99% of cases the fit is perfect, but should you have any issue simply call or email us [email protected].

What kinds of knee pain does this help with?
Do these slip off the top of the knee during exercise?
Can they be worn all day like during work or only during workouts?
What happens if this doesn't fit? Do you offer returns or refunds?
How long does delivery take?
Where can I go to buy this in person?
Can you wear the sleeves while sleeping?
Is the sleeve bulky when worn underneath my jeans?

Flash Sale: 71% Off - Today Only

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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